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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

Come and join us

Lighthouse Club has recently started up again so I thought it would be good for everyone to know more about what our youngest members do on a Sunday morning.

Lighthouse club is a fun environment to explore the bible through art, crafts and sometimes cooking. We always start with a bible story, often as part of a series. We discuss what the bible story means before we move on to an activity.

The best way for me to illustrate this is to describe what we did when I last volunteered. We were looking at the passage from the Sermon on the Mount about salt and light, mostly focussing on light. Sophia read the passage and we watched a video explaining it in a way that was accessible to young children.

Afterwards we had a short discussion about the story to get the children’s ideas. We asked the children to draw as many types of light as they could think of and had pictures of the sun, fire, and torches among other things. We then used air dry clay to make tea light holders for the children to take home to remind them that they should let their light shine. We finished with a drink and biscuit and a chat about what we had learnt.

I’ve been volunteering with Lighthouse club almost since I was old enough not to attend as a child, mainly because I wanted to keep going. I also love working with young children. The people that plan the programme for Lighthouse club each week, Pat, Sophia, and Graham, always put together a brilliant set of activities. It would be great for them to have more helpers, both to plan and to help lead the sessions.

And if you know a family with young children, you might want to tell them about Lighthouse Club as they may not know that we offer this. It would be great to have more children join us each week.

by Amy Taylor

We would like to wish Mary Powell a very Happy 100th Birthday!

Mary attended Burnham Baptists in person as a member for many years and remains in regular fellowship with us through the magazine and weekly updates and loves hearing news of the church.

While unable to attend in person, we are very thankful for Mary’s continued support and prayers and we are delighted to be able to wish our faithful sister a very happy and blessed 100th Birthday on the 30th October!

Much love and Many blessings from all of us!

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