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When the world seems loud, make God’s voice louder

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

by Jade Zerk, Hope Baptist Church Minister

It is great to be invited to contribute in this way to our new magazine. When Jane shared with me the theme of this edition, it got me reflecting on my first year in Highbridge. I am finding this current season exhausting, as we continue to navigate this Covid world.

In recent weeks I have become aware of the impact of last year and how many of the things I am doing now, for the first time since moving to Highbridge, are things I would have, prior to Covid, done in my first couple of months. Last week I was able to go in to Churchfield School to lead Collective Worship. I have been submitting videos online during the past year. I now attend college in person, having done the previous year online.

Jade Zerk, Hope Baptist Church Minister

Hindsight can be a wonderful thing, but it can also unearth frustration, with which I have found great comfort in the words of the Old Testament. When we sit and read scripture a book at a time, we get something of the bigger picture, the ups the downs and all that’s in between. It can be a frustrating read when you realise, we really haven’t changed much in 2,000 years, and yet there is something beautiful about God, the God who was, who is and will always be.

It can be important sometimes to stop and refocus, turn off the news, media, social media. Instead of listening to the voices of others, spend time with God. Jesus himself had to take time to recalibrate, spending time alone with the father. If the son of God rested and in doing so teaches us how to live, we also need to remember to go to ‘mountainside… to pray’ (Matt 14:23) although this doesn’t have to be a literal mountain, rather go away from all that distracts.

When the world seems loud, make God’s voice louder, dwell in the word, sit and read a whole book not just a few verses. Pray and sit with the silence. In 1 Kings 19 Elijah is encouraged to go to ‘the mountain’ because the ‘presence of the Lord is about to pass by.’ (19:11) Here the Lord comes to Elijah in a gently whisper.

Can you recall the last time you heard God’s gentle whisper? Maybe you need to allow yourself to listen out for it, quieten the big voices of the world and say Lord I am here, I am listening and wait.

A blessing:

May the God who created every inch of the universe,

Sun, moon, stars, every DNA strand and hair follicle,

Hold you so tightly that you feel the heartbeat of love,

warmth of hope,

and hands of grace,

That you be awed into stillness,

ready to receive,

A message for creation saying

hope still lives and it lives in thee

You can contact Jade on 07483 363307 or email

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