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Serving one another

by Pat Harris

Have you ever wondered how you are greeted with a smile and a ‘hello’ when you arrive at church on Sundays? Or who the people are that make the tea and coffee for you after the service? Who is it that goes out with the children to Lighthouse Club?

The answers to these questions are volunteers. You may have noticed that you see some of these volunteers as you arrive one Sunday and they are serving you coffee the next! This is because we do not have a large enough pool of people willing to help on Sundays. There are some helpers who are helping in several capacities on 3 out of 4 Sundays.

I would love to lessen their load, even if they wouldn’t like to say so. I have made appeals from the front when on Gathering host and also had items on the weekly notice sheet. Ever since we returned to church gatherings last June I have not had anyone come forward to help on Sundays. Now there is a pressing need for more help with coffee and Lighthouse Club (as a helper, not leader).

If you think you can and would like to help serve our church community then please let me know in person, or by email and I can answer any questions you may have. The current lists cover July to September so please prayerfully consider helping us to serve each other.

God bless

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