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Prayer for the season

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

by Leanne Swift

Loving God, I thank you for the forgiveness and Your promise of eternal life, brought to us through your son, Jesus. I give thanks for this, your blessings, and your presence ever with me.

As the prophets and disciples of old so freely served, I ask that you increase my willingness to serve You, especially to witness to Your gracious love for people.

I ask that you, Lord, would fill me with your spirit of love and wisdom, as I witness to others. Too often I have missed opportunities to speak for You. Forgive me and help me see opportunities and give me the courage to act or speak up.

Lord, when I don't have words remind me that You do and help me hear them from you. I am weak, but You are strong. Strengthen me to share your love with others. Make Your love my love; Your words my words; and Your strength my strength. Help me speak the right word at the right time, help me to go out and to build new relationships and share your message of hope. In Jesus' name. Amen

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