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Our doors will always be open

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

by John Kempton

The foodbank has been open in Highbridge and Burnham for over 12 years and we are now seeing more people using our service since the doors opened. With the rise of cost-of-living crisis things have got worse.

At Hope on a Thursday, we see people not just for food but guidance as well, the sad fact is numbers have doubled for guidance advice.

I leave there on a Thursday happy that people have had some food, but we remember in prayer after the ones who haven’t. More homeless people have arrived in the area, but also people who have been let down by the system because of mental health support, Hope is a safe space for them to have a coffee and a chat.

The Trussell Trust network started by two vicars giving food out from a shed and the need grew from there. As Christians we need to look at God’s word on this. Two scriptures come to mind that talk about food poverty and being kind to strangers. Matthew 25 vs 35-40 and Hebrews 13 vs1-2 for me this show why I work at foodbank, and many others do, but also shows that why people feel comfortable at Hope.

Winter is coming and this brings issues, heating costs going up and people deciding heat or eat, and now with bills going up people are more than ever in need. We have also seen an increase in families with children using us. We are on month 9 of more food going out then coming in and having to spend money on food to fill the warehouse up.

We have a great team of volunteers and the work they do is amazing.

You may be wondering what I can do to help of course donations of food is great, but prayer also helps. Asking God to look after the work of the foodbank the people there and the people visiting. If you not seen what we do why not pop in on a Thursday at Hope or Tuesday at BOS Methodist church.

I love working at the foodbank it has opened many opportunities for me, but I have met some amazing people there. I just hope this Harvest people will have a meal or be warm at least, In the UK there are more foodbanks than McDonalds!! This is shocking that is now the reality of life.

We will keep our doors open for as long as the need is there.

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