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Faith and worry

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

by Rob Howlett, Burnham-on-Sea Baptist Church Minister

In today’s world it is easy for us all to be worried and anxious about life. With floods, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, wars, refugee crises, food shortages, energy prices, and fuel shortages (to name but a few!) the world seems to be falling apart.

The uncertainty around COVID is having a huge impact on all our lives and it is not surprising we all feel a little anxious and worried at the moment. Just listening to Radio 4 each morning leaves me feeling quite sad and anxious about our world and our future. Yet Scripture tells us not to worry – sometimes a lot easier said than done, ‘Do not be anxious about anything…’ Philippians 4:6

However, what Radio 4 does not broadcast each day is the inexplicable and outrageous wonders of this world we live in, and in fact how little we know about it and the universe beyond. Scientists agree on the estimate that we only know about 3% and so it is no wonder we feel anxious and unsure about the future.

The next time we are feeling anxious or worried, perhaps we could simply pause, ponder, and wonder at this incredible world, created by our wonderful and amazing Creator God, and take comfort in knowing that He knows everything, from the number of hairs on our head to the number of stars in the galaxy. He knows us and He loves us; we are His dearly loved children.

While we pause, ponder, and wonder at Creation, let me share this with you. The next time you are in a garden, pick up a handful of soil and consider this; according to Farmer’s Weekly, ‘a single handful of soil is home to more living organisms than there are people on earth.’ Amazing! Mind blown!! That is worth repeating, a single handful of soil is home to more living organisms than there are people on earth. I am not sure who counted them, but all those billions of organisms were created by God to sustain life on earth. Just one example of how wonderous God is and how amazing His Creation is.

Jesus encourages us not to be anxious but instead to marvel at Creation and see how God loves and provides for all that He has created, including us. (Matthew 6:25-27) It seems to me that while we worry about our tomorrows, we can miss the beauty and wonder of our todays.

Through these difficult and anxious times, I hope to encourage us to join with Creation in worship, trust, and faith in our amazing and wonderous God and share the hope we have for the future with everyone we meet.

God bless you, Rob H

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