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Facilities for the future

by Graham Brown

With the church focus in the next few years being Community Outreach we have the opportunity to reassess our activities, groups and resources to ensure they are fit for purpose and provide the Church family with flexibility for different activities and communities.

The main physical resource we have is the town centre Church Building, which the Fabric Team are doing a great job maintaining and refreshing. However as our vision for the future develops, we need to look at what we can do to improve the building facilities with the key drivers of:

  • Flexibility of use so each space can be used for multiple functions

  • Inviting / comfortable spaces for people to gather in

  • Maintainable and sustainable facilities

  • Well-equipped spaces

There are a number of major decisions that need to be made as part of this, not least of which are how we heat the building going forward and replacing the flooring in the back School Room.

The Leadership Team has therefore set up a small group to draw up a Prioritized Renovation and Maintenance Plan (covering several years of work) for the building as a whole. This plan will then be presented to the Leadership Team and Members for their feedback before being used to direct fund raising / grant applications and the regular building maintenance work carried out.

Please talk to the David, Sarah or Graham from the Leadership Team if you have any ideas of changes you think we should be looking at.

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