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Encounter Homegroups update

Updated: Oct 3, 2023

by Malcolm Spratt

When we re-started the Home Groups in September 2022, we had 4 groups meeting fortnightly. These groups have evolved and moved together in a way to encounter scriptures that will help us as in our individual Christian lives as well as growing as a body of Christ's Church.

One of the groups had increased in numbers so much, that the need was to formulate another group. This was successful, so we now have 5 homegroups meeting regularly. The 5 present groups meet on alternate weeks.

Group A Tuesday evening Group B Wednesday evening,

Groups C & D on Thursday morning. Group E Thursday evening.

Each of the groups use their own WhatsApp group for staying in touch.

Some groups have a social evening on the weeks in between.

During the Lent period earlier this year, groups met weekly to follow a

6-part study on Having Confidence in these areas of the Christian life.

1. Convinced. 2. Community. 3. Compassion.

4. Consistency. 5. Competence. 6. Courage.

We are at present studying the first half of Acts. Looking at the Early Church.

Each group has different dynamics and individuals in the way these chapters are approached and discussed. There is also a strong link to supporting each other as we encounter Jesus more in our studies.

There was a break during August.

Then we will be looking at continuing to study Acts during the Autumn.

We will be looking at Advent during December.

The 5 groups each have their group leaders, plus also have a Pastoral coordinator.

We have now affiliated regular Church attendees and members, with a house group. This means there will be someone for each person to contact re- pastoral or spiritual needs. We gathered names together in groups, people will now know who they can approach for pastoral care.

The leadership have been very encouraged with the way the homegroups have been progressing, also the overall growth in the Church.

We believe prayer is responsible for the evidence of the worship and witness amongst us.

We are encouraged to tell others about what the Lord has done for us.

If you would like to join an encounter home group, please contact Malcolm on.

We encourage you to fil in one of our forms with email etc so you can be kept informed of activities.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please speak to one of the deacons,

or email them on.

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