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Confidence through courage

by John Kempton

I can’t believe it's Lent already, how quickly it has that come around. I love this time of year leading up to Easter and this year I want to connect more with God in my thoughts and prayers.

I’m a person who has suffered badly from anxiety, but over time it has reduced and I am comfortable with myself now. This has not always been the case, I've had to have courage in some situations. For me this is major, to have courage and get out of my comfort zone.

I have been at Hope Church for a year now and it took courage just to walk through the doors, but since then I've become a member and have been baptised.

I’m so glad I did; it was the best move I ever did! I was well out of my comfort zone, but courage and God’s spirit got me through it.

1 Corinthians 16 vs 13-14 sums it up nicely. Be Strong! Be Courageous! Stand firm! What wise words Paul has here for us. They are nice and simple I really love that. It's me all over.

It's taken me years to become a strong person and if you had met me a few years ago you wouldn't have seen the John that’s in front of you now.

Be Strong! Be Courageous! Has become my new motto. God has given me the strength and courage I need to get through and with that I stand firm in faith to him. Vs 14 ends with 'and do everything in love.' That just says it all - we need to reflect God in everything we do.

Love is one of God’s attributes; parts of his personality. By showing love to all we are reflecting our creator God. When I do this, I am courageous and standing firm in faith to God. I have my armour on and can get through any situation that comes my way. (Ephesians 6 vs10-18).

My prayer this Lent is that the love of God be with you all over these Holy weeks.

Maybe after reading this, you might want to think about a time when you had to Be Strong! Be Courageous. How did God get you though it?

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