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Confidence though being convinced

by Jackie Wenden

I ride a motorbike so I know that despite donning the highest ‘vis’, sometimes I am not seen. Sometimes we hear things which are not there, when our brains are affected by changes in chemical neurotransmitters or reduced blood flow. And if you have ever played a feeling game, you know we cannot rely on our sense of touch either!

So unlike the disciple Thomas who famously stated ‘I won’t believe it unless I see the nail wound in his hands and put my fingers into them…’ (Luke 20:25). I cannot rely on my senses to convince me that the resurrection of Jesus is true

- the resurrection on which we base our faith.

So how can we be convinced? Certainly the disciples were convinced- but not all of us have a dramatic Damascus moment like Saul. But how can we have their confidence and be convinced that our sins are forgiven and we are given the opportunity of eternal life?

As we follow the daily readings in the devotional and meditate on them, I believe this will draw us closer to answer that question. For my conviction in my faith all stems from growing close to the presence of Jesus through prayer and reading the Word and understanding the changes he is working in his followers, and in you and me, through the Holy Spirit. It is a relationship which starts with drawing near (reading the bible) and with conversation (prayer).

Prayer: Dear Lord Jesus, as we seek to strengthen our confidence in you, please draw us near to you and pour the balm of your love onto our hurting, doubting minds so that we, like Thomas, can profess ‘My Lord and my God!’ Amen.

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