Coronavirus COVID-19 Update September 2020

Following the recent changes the Prime Minister announced today to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic, which will come into effect on 14th September 2020, I and the Leadership Team have taken the very difficult decision NOT to open the church building for worship this Sunday (13th September 2020) as we had previously planned.

I recognise this will come as a huge disappointment to some of you and although legally we are able to open, we feel that during the current spike in COVID-19 cases, we have a moral duty to ensure that we can worship God together in a safe and secure manner. I cannot pretend the last few months have been easy for any of us and we have all had to make some extremely hard decisions. None more so for me than keeping the church building closed for worship for the foreseeable future.

However, all is not lost! We shall continue to meet via our YouTube Sunday Gathering at 10:45am followed by our Zoom coffee and catch-up meeting which has proven so successful. As we have regularly reminded ourselves during this pandemic; the church building may be closed but the church is still very much alive and full of praise and worship for Jesus.

As we seek new ways to be a healthy, growing church through these challenging times, it is so important that we keep praying for each other and the wider community. We have a loving, gracious God whom we can turn to through these difficult times yet also live in a community that needs to know the love of Jesus for themselves. In this new world of COVID-19 we must continue to seek how we can serve our most wonderful God and be the church He has called us to be.

I apologise for the changes we have made so quickly but also hope you can understand that these are very strange times we live in and we all need to approach this situation with flexibility, forgiveness, love and grace – just how God deals with us!

With much love and prayers

Rob H

Pastor Rob Howlett