At last!!! We are starting to plan on re-opening our building for worship. Praise God!!! If the current ‘road-map’ for COVID restrictions continues as planned, our first Sunday worship in the building for over a year will be held on Sunday, 27th June at 10:30am.


We recognise this has been an horrendous year for many of us and are so excited about the prospect of worshipping Jesus together on-site, face-to-face. However, 27th June seems a long way off and so we are proposing to open up the building gradually with different events happening before the end of June. We will be in touch via ‘In Touch’, email and letter with various events so please do keep an eye out for these. Also, check the calendar for an up to date list of events that are happening including the Meeting Place and Home Groups.


As I am sure you can imagine, there’s a lot of planning involved to re-open our building safely.  There will be clear safety guidelines and we hope to rely on your support to follow these. 


We look forward with hope and excitement for what God has in store for his church and local community.

With much love and prayers

Rob H

Rob Howlett (Minister)